Beefwood Farms

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Beefwood Farms, located outside of Moree NSW, had existing silos that leaked gas with increased upkeep costs.

Being located in a high agriculture regional area, they needed a storage solution for their grain to allow for successful fumigation and reduce infestation. Beefwood had 12 large silos to seal, so they needed a supplier they could trust to ensure the job was done right. 


Gwydir Group arrived on scene and underwent the site review. Nine 1,000 tonne silos, two 1,500 tonne silos and a 1,800 tonne silo required sealing, but Gwydir Group was able to complete the work in 30 weeks.

There was no downtime to Beefwood farms, as silo sealing can take place at any level of capacity. The end result was 12 successfully sealed silos which complied with Australian Standard AS2628. In the long term, Beefwood Farms saved money on fumigation costs thanks to reduced gas leakage, while in the short term their grain quality improved significantly. 

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