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Gwydir Group are proud to be a rural distributor for Cyclone Silos, a trusted name in the Australian rural industry. 

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Manufacturing silos in Australia for over 40 years, Cyclone holds the same values as Gwydir Group of high quality, durability and standards. 

Cyclone manufactures silos in Jindera NSW, and transport them around Australia. Gwydir Group will erect your silo, and coordinate any specific requirements for your site. Gwydir Group’s experienced team will work with you to determine the best silo type and size for your needs, considering ventilation, sealing, loading and unloading. All Gwydir Group Cyclone silos can be sealed to Australian standards for effective insect control. 

Cyclone silos are manufactured from galvanised high strength sheet steel and hot dipped galvanised accessories, making them strong and durable. We will build your farm or commercial silo facility to meet your current needs and your future expansion.  

Australian conditions are extreme, and the increased number of extreme events has seen Cyclone re-engineer their silos to offer 1 in 200 year certification as standard (previously 1 in 100 year), offering peace of mind for grain producers and insurers.


Engineered to last, Cyclone Silos have a number of benefits including;

  • Large wall sheets which have fewer joins and bolts than other silos.
  • The wide corrugation profile of the galvanised steel walls reduces the risk of internal obstructions, limiting the risk of “hang-ups” which can harbour insects and fungi and lead to grain spoilage or downgrade.
  • Manufactured in Australia from predominantly Australian steel.
  • Galvanised construction.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • 30 degree roof for maximum capacity.
  • Ladders and platforms conforming to Australian Standards

When you choose a Cyclone silo, you are becoming part of a 40 year institution. Cyclone’s commitment to grain handling in Australia supports farmers with a large range of parts needed to update or repair older silos, as well as a range of new silos to continually meet the demands of Australia’s grain needs.

Gwydir Group shares this commitment, and can provide industry knowledge and expert advice to make sure your grain storage options are meeting your requirements, including sealing, aeration and ventilation for your silo.


Quality storage is essential to maintaining and increasing the quality of your grain. Gwydir Group has a storage solution to protect your harvest.  


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